About Get Outside San Diego

GetOutsideSanDiego.org allows you to:

  • Find any of the 1,100 parks in San Diego County near your location, close to an address, in your neighborhood zip code, or by park name
  • Choose parks with 20 recreation types — hiking, beaches, ball parks, fishing, wildlife viewing, playgrounds, camping and more
  • Get exact directions to the entries of most parks — by car, transit, riding, walking
  • See major trails in most parks, as well as parking
  • Access direct web links to park managing agencies to get much more information
  • Share park maps and searches with others on social media
  • Enjoy customized "adventures" in parks, created to highlight particular experiences
  • Download high quality maps of most parks over 10 acres — use them in emails, web posts, newsletter articles, reports, or in flyers for group outings
  • Access many other recreation links and resources on the Resources and Get Involved pages

Get Outside San Diego was developed by GreenInfo Network with grant support from the Brutten Family Fund at The San Diego Foundation. GreenInfo is a nonprofit that aids other public interest groups and agencies in making effective use of maps and related geospatial information - learn more about GreenInfo at www.GreenInfo.org